Giving Birth in North Louisiana

As a birth advocate I am saddened that women have such limited choices

in the way they are able to

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give birth in my area. There are no licensed midwives, only a handful

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of doulas, and no birth centers.

2 thoughts on “Giving Birth in North Louisiana

  1. I definitely agree Brandi. As a recent unwanted C section “survivor” I can’t help but wonder “what if”. I know that I prepared myself to the best of my ability and did everything I knew possible to ensure a natural birth. However, I wonder if the outcome would have been different if I had had a doula or midwife?

  2. It’s says a lot that you used the term “survivor”. I felt the same way after both of my C-sections. I know that my first one could have been avoided if only I had been told that my son was posterior (sunny-side-up). There was so much I could have done to get him in the proper position before I went into labor.

    Because of his position (which also was asynclitic ~ the head is tilted to the side, causing it to no longer be in line with the birth canal) and long labor he also had severe meconium aspiration and was born with an Apgar Score of 2. He was in the NICU for 10 days and I wasn’t allowed to hold him until Day 5. He had to have PT for several weeks on his neck to get him “straightened out”.

    Needless to say I ended up with PTSD. My son now has Sensory Processing Disorder that I am convinced is a result of his traumatic birth. He goes to OT and ST twice a week now. Something as simple as checking for position (instead of just seeing if he was head down) could have made the difference in my otherwise completely term/healthy baby’s birth. I know in my heart that if I had a doula or a midwife as part of my care team then things most likely would have been different.

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