Almost ready to launch

After an amazing 2 days at the CIMS forum in Austin, TX I

am more determined than ever to do whatever it takes to make significant changes to our maternity care system in North Louisiana. As I put the final touches on the rest of my website I am anxious and excited to start really promoting “normal birth”

in my area. I already have the support of at least one OB/GYN and several other organizations. I have made contact with at least 2 more doulas although one is 35 miles away and the other 70 miles away but it’s a start. I hope that in the next year I will be able to recruit and train a few more doulas for this area. My “big picture” goal is to recruit and train midwives for this area. As it stands now this is what it looks like for the state of Louisiana and licensed midwives and it’s just not acceptable!

One thought on “Almost ready to launch

  1. As a pregnant woman in Northeast Louisiana I can say I am honestly appalled and horrified by the lack of choices in the area when it comes to prenatal, birth and post natal care. For a woman to be told at 18 weeks into her 4th pregnancy that she would need a c-section after 3 vaginal deliveries is ridiculous!! Then for formula feeding to be pushed over breastfeeding, a limit of how many people can be with you when you deliver and that you can not bring older children to a prenatal visit or ultrasounds is absurd. I really wish that women in the area would educate themselves that this is NOT NORMAL in the way that pregnancy and child birth are meant to be and demand better care not only for themselves but for future generations.

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