The Truth is Out There!

Two very important press releases by: The Big Push for Midwives were issued this week. One dealt close to home with a bill in Mississippi that was killed after many concerned calls to the MS Legislature (a bill that would have made it nearly impossible to practice as a midwife) and another citing a report by the CDC that showed an increase in Out of Hospital (OOH) births on the rise even before the release of Ricki Lake’s documentary The Business of Being Born in 2008.

Below are the findings and statements issued by The Big Push for Midwives.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead

CDC Report: Demand for Out-of-Hospital Midwife Births Sharply Increases
Research Debunks Physician Group Claims that Actress Ricki Lake is Responsible for Rise

in Out-of-Hospital Births

Envisioning a safer, less-costly model of maternity care in the United States.
Advocates oppose bill to regulate Mississippi midwives
From an email recieved from Susan Jenkins forwarded to her by Katherine Prown. Both are representatives from The Big Push For Midwives.

For all of you who have expressed interest in what was happening in Mississippi, or who otherwise care about licensing midwives, here’s a message from Katie Prown, Campaign Manager of the Big Push for Midwives Campaign, attaching a newspaper article with up-to-date information. Please note how effective an onslaught of phone calls to a legislature can be as well as

the importance of creating relationships with the press, both of which the Big Push has been working on.
Best regards, Susan

What happened in Mississippi last week is a fantastic example of how much The Big Push for Midwives media outreach campaign is paying off in returns! The Associated Press is one of the outlets we’ve been consistently sending our press releases to and following up with, building relationships that culminated in a phone call to me when one of their reporters learned of the bill to restrict midwifery practice to nurse-midwives, thereby outlawing all other midwives in the state, as well as midwives from LA, TN and AL with practices in MS.

MS has so long been considered a “safe” state that no one has been keeping an eye on the legislature there. Had it not been for that phone call, it’s highly unlikely we would have learned about the bill until after it passed. Needless to say, this bill—which had sailed through the House and was on the fast track in the Senate until we caught wind of it—would have been disastrous for mothers and midwives in MS. Thanks to quick mobilization and the amazing powers of social networking, we dodged a bullet, so everyone who helped with this effort deserves many thanks.

Even better, advocates in MS not only organized quickly once our Push Alert went viral, but they’re building on the momentum to push for a substitute amendment to replace the bad bill with a good one and will come back next year should that effort fail. And they’ve definitely made an impression. The author of the bill, Rep. Holland, told one of the callers to his office that in all his years at the state house, he had never heard “such

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a ruckus” over a bill before. So nice work, everyone! And if you have a few minutes, click on the link and post a comment.

Many thanks! Katie
Katherine Prown, PhD | Campaign Manager | | 414.550.8025

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  1. I know this is an old post, but I happened across it today, and wanted to say thanks for including it on your blog. I’m not sure how close you are to Mississippi, but wanted to let you know about MS Friends of Midwives, so that you can tell your friends and family who live in Mississippi about us, so they can join in our efforts to keep midwives legal in Mississippi. On the website is a link to our newsletter, so everyone can stay informed. We are also on facebook as well, so be sure to check us out there —!/pages/Mississippi-Friends-of-Midwives/370150121518?ref=ts

    Secretary of MS Friends of Midwives

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