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Star ralph lauren outlet UK trek trivia game archive I just found this forum.I am a devout trekker.We used to be called trekkies, but i believe the term trekker is the one that most of them want to be known by.I don’t know how many of you grew up with star trek.But just in case anyone wishes to play a star trek trivia game, i’ll start by posting a trivia question.But you can’t cheat.You either know the answser, or give it a really good guess.Let’s see if we can stump each other! Montgomery(Took me all of one second to remember that one), I’m glad I’m not a dead trekkie, trekker, whatever!Lol.And do you know that no one in the history of star trek ever called him montgomery! Spock landed on a planet that was supposed to be being helped by the landing party from years back.Only that landing party,(Well something happened to them), and walked around in La La Land! There was a beatiful woman(Played by jill ireland). What was her name in that episode, and why did they act like they were in la la land? .And spock so completely changed that he hung from a tree in that episode. 02 16 2008, 06:19 PM Okay, the episode started with kirk standing by an obelisk.He opened his communicator and said”Kirk to enterprise”, the bottom portion of the Obelisk opened and he went into the Obelisk.He was caught in a memory erasing beam.He staggered out of the obelisk and a girl named miramanee approached him. (I have no idea if this is correct spelling)I’m doing all this from memory. Because kirk’s memory was erased,(He had glimpses in his mind), he thought his name was KUROK.So that’s what everybody called him.They thought he was a god because he walked out of what they called the sacred something or other. It actually was an asteroid deflecting beam thingee. So at the end of the episode, a rival medicine man started the stoning of kirk and miramanee(Who was pregnant cheap ralph lauren by the way).She died. So this is the only time in star trek history that kirk got married(Morally anyway). See why people would make bets and call me up? You should have seen my son watching me one day and i was saying the dialogue while the tribble episode was on.It was like 35 years since it aired.He said to me”How do you do that”?I have no idea.I just a great long term memory for dialogue.Very bad short term, but my long term is just fine. Will think of some more good questions. And if you can think of some, pop right on in. Take care, France nuyen played a warrior kind of princess(The dolman of elaas), who was promised to an enemy in marriage.She wanted no part of it and she had an affair with kirk.Seems anyone who is touched by the tears of a woman from her planet, well they lose all control over themselves(Remember this episode? ) There was a guy(He played caligula in one of those old rome pictures with victor mature), anyway, this actor played a kind of ambassador from the enemy planet who had to train Fance Nuyen to be a proper Queen when she married the King of that planet. He kept referring to her(Throughout the whole episode)By a specific phrase.I never forgot what he called her. 02 18 2008, 07:28 AMNow it’s your turn.Think of something really hard.You can go even go and google star trek trivia, and give me a hard one. I don’t know actual names of episodes or their air dates.I’m not that kind of trekkie, the kind that goes to all the conventions and dress like vulcans and klingons and greet each other with kaplaaa,(The klingon salute). I never have gone to a convention.Always wanted to, and i’m sorry i never did.I’d feel absolutely stupid now to do this, but i do enjoy remembering the stuff.

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